Hello from the new Wikimedia UK Board

Wikimedia UK’s new board held its first meeting last Tuesday. There are a lot of exciting opportunities this year and the Board really wants to make the most of them.

Some of the highlights are:

  • The Board meeting on 11 June will be devoted to producing a long-term strategy for Wikimedia UK. It’s clear that as we continue to grow and professionalise, we will need a documented vision for the next few years. At the WikiConference a few weeks ago, there was a discussion about strategy and the way forward. We will be taking more steps to involve the community in this discussion – starting with an IRC discussion on Tuesday May 3rd. You’ll be hearing more from us about this soon.
  • Fae is in the process of setting up a 6-person UK GLAM Steering Committee to build our capacity to work with cultural institutions. Fae will also be attending the Wikimedia Foundation’s “GLAMCamp” in New York in May on WMUK’s behalf. If you are a Wikimedian interested in working with our cultural partners, or from a cultural institution interested in working with Wikimedia UK, please contact Fae directly on fae@wikimedia.org.uk
  • The Board also decided that the next AGM would be held in May 2012, in London. If you have suggestions for venues or possible partner organisations, please drop Roger a line.
  • The new Board, elected at the WikiConference on April 16th, is made up of:

    Roger Bamkin (Victuallers) – Chair
    Andrew Turvey (AndrewRT) – Treasurer
    Michael Peel (Mike Peel) – Secretary
    Chris Keating (The Land)
    Martin Poulter (MartinPoulter)
    Ashley Van Haeften (Fae)
    Steve Virgin (Steve Virgin)

    Gemma Griffiths continues as a pro-bono public relations consultant to the Board.

    You can find more details of the new Board on the Wikimedia UK Wiki. If there’s anything you’d like to discuss, please do get in touch with any of us – we can all be reached by email on firstname.surname@wikimedia.org.uk.

    Finally, for all the latest news, don’t forget to follow Wikimedia UK on Twitter: @wikimediauk