Did you know there is a QRpedia code on the oldest computer in Bletchley Park, the Magna Carta and on the Domesday Book?

Launched in April last year, QRpedia was developed out of the partnership with Derby Museum and Art Gallery by Wikimedia UK member Roger Bamkin and Terence Eden, a mobile web consultant. This idea has now been shortlisted for the SMART-UK awards. On 23 January, the judges were deciding on the final six. QRpedia codes are installed in Indianapolis, London, Barcelona and St Petersburg. New projects are underway in Wales and the Netherlands.

Now Monmouthshire Council have agreed that we can document a whole town. Monmouthpedia has already led to over 40 new articles on the small Welsh town of Monmouth. We intend to have 1,000 QRpedia codes installed by April and many of you have helped already – Thank you!