Changes to the Wikimedia UK board – A message from Roger Bamkin

Roger Bamkin (right) with Stephen from Wikimedia Kenya
Roger Bamkin (right) speaking with Stephen Wanjau from Wikimedia Kenya

One year on from our previous AGM, I have decided to stand down as Chair of Wikimedia UK. I’m becoming a consultant and as I’m proposing to take Monmouthshire County Council (Wikimedia UK partners for the Monmouthpedia project) as a client, I feel that the conflict of interest is too high for me to remain as Chair, hence my decision.

I have actually served for one year and Fae (Ashley van Haeften) will be taking on the Chair’s role until the AGM, while I remain as a Trustee.

In other board news, Andrew Turvey has sadly stood down as Treasurer. Andrew has done a fine job as Treasurer, as well as taking a leading role in ensuring we achieved our goal of recruiting four staff members this year. John Byrne is assisting as a temporary treasurer.

You will soon see from our annual report that the board has delivered on what it set out to achieve a year ago. I hope to see you in Monmouth, but if not, at our AGM in May.