What did you think of our annual report?

The front page of Wikimedia UK's 2012 Annual Report
The front page of our 2012 Annual Report

We recently published our annual report for the period 2011-12. It’s available as an optimised PDF here and also in print (for a copy drop Stevie Benton a line here).

The report features information about our fundraiser, some key statistics, a report on Monmouthpedia, the Wikipedia blackout, media activity, and GLAM and education activies, among other things.

As a part of our monitoring and evaluation we’d like to put a call out for feedback. What did you like about the report? What didn’t you like? Do you have any suggestions for next year’s report?

We’d like your views on all elements of the content, including copy, images and design. You can either leave your feedback as a comment on this blog or email Stevie.