Teaming up with Mozilla for an editathon

Wikipedians and Mozillians enjoying their editathon
Wikipedians and Mozillians enjoying their editathon

Mozilla UK have been supportive to Wikimedia UK since they opened their Mozilla Spaces venue in June 2012, allowing us to use their space in central London a few times for free, and continuing to do so whenever possible. This is particularly useful when the meeting spaces in our London office are fully booked (which is often!). For our part, we realised some of the Wikipedia articles relating to Mozilla, Firefox and so on are not quite of the high standard that everyone would like. Therefore, we felt it would be a neighbourly thing to do to organise a Mozilla-related editathon. This we did, and the event took place on Saturday 18 August at the Mozilla Space in London.

A group of experienced Mozillians joined forces with four Wikipedians to explore the convoluted and complicated world of Mozilla-related content on Wikipedia, correcting factual errors and updating articles. As it turned out all the Mozillians have already had some experience in editing, so we skipped the basic introduction to Wikipedia and focused on issues such as conflict of interest (keeping information neutral and declaring the COI) and some deeper arcana of editing aspects.

In such a friendly atmosphere, we were mainly working on the Mozilla article, specifically in a new sandbox. In addition, we fixed various issues including improving Mozilla PersonaFirefox OSMozilla Public LicenseGecko (layout engine)SpiderMonkey, and Rust (programming language). We left with the feeling of success – and the realisation that much more is yet to be done.