Board update

Wikimedia UK would like to announce that Roger Bamkin has stepped down as a Trustee.

“Roger’s energy and enthusiasm has been central to the establishment of Wikimedia UK as a registered charity, our outreach programme, and to many other aspects of our work. QRpedia, one of his creations, is now in use in dozens of museums and galleries worldwide,” said Chris Keating, Chair of Wikimedia UK.

“Roger has always conducted himself with openness and honesty with regards to his business interests, which the Board greatly appreciates. However we have reached the decision together that it is best if Roger steps back from the Board, and thus the Board has accepted his resignation. I look forward to working with Roger in future.”

The constitution of Wikimedia UK allows the Board to co-opt a Trustee to fill Roger’s place until the next AGM when elections will be held, and we will update the community about our intentions about filling this vacancy in due course.