Introducing Richard Nevell, our latest Wikimedia UK staff member!

Richard Nevell
Richard Nevell, our latest employee

We’re really happy to be able to welcome Richard Nevell to our team. Richard has joined us to provide valuable admin support. Below, he introduces himself in his own words.

“Hi, I’m Richard Nevell, the new guy at Wikimedia UK. I’ve been involved with the English language Wikipedia since 2006 and was made an admin in 2008. My main focus has been on Wikipedia, but I’ve also edited Wikimedia Commons. On rare occasion I may be seen on other language Wikipedias, but as I’m hopeless with other languages it is usually a case of adding or replacing images on the counterparts of articles I’m working on.

“Outside Wikipedia, I have a BA in Ancient History and Archaeology and an MA in History. In my free time I’m also doing a PhD in Archaeology. I say “outside Wikipedia”, but I often edit in areas related to archaeology and history as I’ve found that putting together an article on a particular subject helps me to wrap my head around it.

“When I saw that Wikimedia UK was looking for help at the office I was eager to help. I’m excited to be involved with the organisation and helping out how I can. So far a power struggle is emerging between myself and Richard Symonds over who gets to be called Richard, and I think I’m losing that battle.”