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Manchester Girl Geeks Editing Day 2012
Manchester Girl Geeks Editing Day 2012

This post was written by Daria Cybulska, Wikimedia UK’s Events Organiser

“It’s easier than you think!” “We can do it!” It’s self regulating and doesn’t need interventions from a site owner.”

Those are just a few comments from a Manchester Girl Geeks Wikipedia training event held on Sunday 25 November, very kindly hosted by MadLabs. The event brought together experienced Wikipedia editors and 12 Girl Geeks with two aims: to learn how to edit Wikipedia and to improve articles about female scientists, building on the progress made during our Ada Lovelace Day event.

Over the course of the afternoon, many articles were improved and lots of tea enjoyed. There was a really exciting feeling that everyone in the room was learning something new, trainers included. We’re confident that many of the people who attended will continue editing Wikipedia and make valuable contributions to the encyclopaedia. A lot of the participants were also keen to look at future opportunities to work with us, so I am sure we will be taking some exciting co-operations further.

If you’re interested in hosting a Wikipedia training and editing session, or want to help at any future events, please email Daria Cybulska –