Interested in British black music? Join our editathon!

Grime performer Dizzee Rascal
Grime performer Dizzee Rascal

We’ve linked up with / Black Music Congress (BBM/BMC) to host a Wikipedia editing workshop on the afternoon of Sunday 30 June at our London office. The event coincides with British Black Music Month.

This free workshop will explore some of the British black music histories online and work on editing and adding information to Wikipedia, including biographies on some vintage and current acts, and organisations.

If you are particularly interested in British black music or African British history this editathon will enable you to learn how to use Wikipedia’s editing function and understand the protocols of being an editor.

You do not have to be an experienced writer or techie – all you need is an interest and passion in the topic. Representatives from Wikimedia UK and BBM/BMC will be on hand to show you how the site works and answer your questions. There will also be books, magazines, and online resources to help you start documenting British black music or African British history on Wikipedia.

While the session is free, pre-booking is essential and can be done here and directions to the Wikimedia UK office can be found here