Wiki Loves Monuments recruits distinguished judge

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All good photography competitions need excellent judges to help select the winners. The volunteer team behind the UK’s participation in Wiki Loves Monuments is therefore delighted to announce that Steve Cole, Head of Photography at English Heritage, has agreed to join the national judging panel.

Who could be better suited to help select the winners of a photography competition related to historic listed buildings?

Steve has over forty years of experience of photographing historic buildings through working for the Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of England (RCHME) and English Heritage. He leads a team of photographers at English Heritage that record the buildings and archaeological landscapes of England for use in varied publications and for inclusion in the national archive.

Steve continues to maintain the classic standards of architectural photography as well as embracing new methods and new technologies for image capture. He teaches photography at the Departments of Continuing Education of the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge.

Steve Cole said: “I am really looking forward to seeing the entries and I am sure it will be a difficult but greatly entertaining activity in judging them all.”

Michael Maggs, volunteer member of the Wiki Loves Monuments UK steering committee and a Wikimedia UK Trustee, said: “I’m thrilled that Steve has agreed to join the national jury.  I doubt that there is anyone else in England with Steve’s understanding of architectural photography combined with a deep understanding of our national heritage.”

Wiki Loves Monuments takes place every year in September and is the world’s largest photography competition. This year, the UK is taking part for the first time. Photographers of all levels of experience are welcome to participate and you can find all of the details you need here.