Reflections on two years in post


The staff of Wikimedia UK
The staff of Wikimedia UK

This post was written by Jon Davies, Chief Executive

Exactly two years ago today I started working for Wikimedia UK and what a memorable day that was.

It was a Saturday and I took an early train to Coventry to find out what exactly a ‘backstage pass’ meant and what Wikimedians actually looked like in the flesh.  I had met a few at the London meetup but this was the first time I was there as their new CEO and could spend the day working with them. I met some amazing people that day. Rock drum, Roger Bamkin and Harry Mitchell were particularly memorable and everyone made me feel welcome. At lunchtime I popped over to Warwick University and met Richard Symonds and Fiona Apps who were running a stall at the Fresher’s Fair recruiting students. After that back to the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum to watch the process of creating and improving pages and then to the pub wearing my brand new Wikimedia UK t-shirt.

Looking back all the elements of what makes us successful were there. Volunteers, co-operation with other institutions, enthusiasm, t-shirts and beer. This was a sociable organisation that had wonderful people in it.

On Friday I completed our application for next year’s funding and was amazed at the distance we had all traveled together. Certainly there have been frustrating moments and a few detours I regret we had to make, but we are now doing so much more. One look at the Wikimedia UK website or list of events demonstrates that. I have very high hopes for the next year.

Thanks to everyone, volunteers, trustees and staff who have contributed.