Michael Maggs takes over as Chair of Wikimedia UK

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Wikimedia UK today announces that Michael Maggs has been elected as the new Chair of the charity, succeeding Chris Keating. Chris remains a trustee and will continue to serve on the board.

Chris stepped down at the charity’s board meeting in Edinburgh this weekend, having served as Chair since August 2012. The board then unanimously elected Michael as replacement Chair.

Chris Keating said: “It has been a privilege to serve as Chair of Wikimedia UK for the last sixteen months and seeing the charity develop over that time has been very satisfying. I look forward to continuing to act as a trustee until my current term concludes at the charity’s next AGM in August 2014.”

Michael Maggs said: “On behalf of the board I would like to place on record our thanks to Chris for his excellent leadership of the charity over the last sixteen months. I am happy that he will remain a trustee and will continue to provide the board with his expert advice. I look forward to continuing his good work.”


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  • The movement owes a huge thanks to Chris for his leadership through an important and often difficult time for the charity. My respect for him has grown enormously over time, especially from his mature, measured response to some of the childish attacks that have come his way. And I’m forever glad that we’ve had a impatient Chair who doesn’t let meetings drag out interminably. I hope you stay on the board much further than August 2014. Congratulations also to Michael for taking up the reins: I was glad to see someone with his experience, tact, and involvement in our community joining the Board and it’s good to see him taking this even more central role. Cheers!

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