Wikimedia UK strategy consultation – two weeks remaining!

Wikimedia UK is continuing to consult Wikimedians on the charity’s strategic planning for 2014-19. There are some key components of this work that would benefit from a wider input. These include the Strategic Plan, the model we have used, our Vision and Values and our five high-level Strategic Goals.

There are a few things we’re especially keen to hear from you about, including:

  • Does our planning represent the full range of activities we engage in, and their aims towards our mission?
  • Does it indicate how, and why, measurement will take place
  • Are the measures appropriate (aligned with our aims) and achievable (things we can actually measure)?
  • Do you have ideas of other measurements, or tools we might use to measure, our impact?
  • Are the targets given here ambitious, achievable, and trackable?
  • Which Outcome Measures we should be using against which to measure our impact, and also what targets we should aim to meet by the end of January 2015.
  • Given we will be associating our activities – including volunteer led activities – with the aims and measures given, are you happy the strategy represents a structure you can work with as a member of our community?

These plans are important because they establish a framework for our work over the next five years and present ways for us to measure the success of our activities.

The community consultation period is open until 28 February 2014 so please do have your say before then.