Wikimedia UK welcomes new starters for Wikimania

The photo shows John, Chris and Fabian standing in the Wikimedia UK office
(left to right) John, Chris and Fabian

Wikimedia UK is delighted to welcome three new staff to support the delivery of the Wikimania conference.

John Cummings, Chris McKenna and Fabian Tompsett will be working with the charity until the end of August to support the volunteer conference team. All three are Wikimedians with a good understanding of the movement and the charity.

Chris has been a Wikimedian for nine years under the username Thryduulf. He’s an administrator at the English Wikipedia and English Wiktionary, and also active on Commons and WIkidata. He will be working to ensure that both the community and Wikimania benefit from each other.

John was the Wikimedian in Residence at the Natural History Museum and Science Museum, he also started MonmouthpediA. He’s a Wikimedia UK accredited trainer for communities and organisations.

Fabian has been a Wikipedia editor for over ten years, active on Wikiversity for over three years and ends up editing all sorts of articles. He is really excited to be working for Wikimedia UK as part of the team making sure Wikimania is a resounding success.

Their contributions over the coming months will be very important in helping to ensure that Wikimania London runs smoothly and makes a real contribution to the global Wikimedia movement. You can contact Fabian, John and Chris either by email (first or on 020 7065 0990.