Scholarships for UK based attendees of AdaCamp Berlin 2014

The photo shows two young women smiling for the camera
Two of the attendees from AdaCamp 2013

This post was written by Daria Cybulska, Wikimedia UK Programme Manager

AdaCamp is a conference dedicated to increasing women’s participation in open technology and culture. It brings women together to build community, share skills, discuss problems with open tech/culture communities that affect women, and find ways to address them. It has been taking place for several years in the US and Australia, but in 2014 it is coming to Europe for the first time. The Berlin AdaCamp will be October 11-12, 2014 at the Wikimedia Deutschland offices. It will also focus strongly on the Wikimedia community in particular.

It is a valuable opportunity for UK Wikimedians to attend a focused event (of only about 50 attendees) where we will focus on learning practical things and planning future projects.

If you have experience in open tech/culture, experience or knowledge of feminism and advocacy and the ability to collaborate with others, you should apply!

We would like to help build a community of UK Wikimedians supporting women in open tech/culture – especially Wikimedia projects – and for that reason we are offering scholarships for UK applicants.

To learn more about the event visit their website.

To read about the application process and find out how to receive a scholarship, please visit this page.

If you have any questions about the UK scholarships, email Daria Cybulska, Wikimedia UK Programme Manager