Wikimania – Nine working days to go…

The image shows the red and blue
The Wikimania shard logo

This post was written by Jon Davies, Wikimedia UK Chief Executive

Our office white board now says only nine working days to go to Wikimania. In reality it will be a few more as weekends seem to be as busy as Monday to Friday now.

I’d like to share a few thoughts with our community.

Firstly the next fortnight will disappear in a blur. The big jobs have been done, we have a venue, speakers, food and wifi so there will be a conference and it will be the best Wikimania ever.

Secondly the devil will be in the detail and I am surrounded by people tying down the last bits and pieces, chasing printers, correcting mistakes and making last minute decisions. So be patient if we are slow in replying to anything. We have to make judgements and sorting out someone’s visa application on a call to the British Embassy in Delhi can cause havoc with our otherwise smooth timetables.

Thirdly thanks to the volunteers who are making all this possible. Looking round I can see six people bringing Wikimania to life designing the programme booklet, editing videos, writing a ‘who’s who’ database for the conference, setting up the AV for the venue and a lot of other things I am not even aware of that will contribute to a smooth experience.

If you haven’t registered yet please do so here.

See you at Wikimania!