Thoughts after three years

Photo shows a close up of Jon Davies speaking on a stage
Jon Davies presenting at Wikimania 2014

Under the pressure of getting our funding application to the Wikimedia Foundation’s FDC in yesterday morning I suddenly realised it was my third anniversary of being CEO at Wikimedia UK. As my colleague Fabian sitting next to me said, we’ve done quite a lot really haven’t we!

I still reminisce about that first day in 2011 when I discovered our volunteer community and its vast range and the fun we had at the Herbert Museum Backstage pass in Coventry.

Rather more measurable, and going back to the day’s main task, this is the third FDC application we have made. In the first year it was an ever so slightly panicked event with Doug Taylor, a trustee at the time, and I putting it together over a long weekend. Last year was a little better organised, though it needed Daria Cybulska breaking into her holidays and working from her parent’s house to make sure we met our deadlines.

This year has been a smoother process, despite tight deadlines, but demonstrates the amazing journey we have made over the last 1096 days even if there were a few bumps in the road!