Wellcome Library grateful for Wikimedia UK support

Wikimedia UK received a very encouraging email this morning which highlights the nature of the work of our movement.

In a collaboration between the Wellcome Library, Wikimedia UK and Wikimedia volunteers, around 100,000 images from their collection have been uploaded to Wikimedia Commons.

The message, from Phoebe Harkins of the Wellcome Trust, said: “The Wellcome Library is thrilled with the mass upload of the historical Wellcome Images to Wiki commons, and would like to thank the staff and volunteers of Wikimedia UK who have assisted in getting Wellcome Images into Wiki commons, in particular Fae, who has worked on the mass upload over the past few months. We are delighted that 100k images from our extraordinarily diverse collection are now visible through the most consulted information resource on the planet.”

Projects of this nature highlight all that is best about our movement – the collaboration between chapter, volunteers and collections holders to share this knowledge with everyone, for free, is exactly the kind of work we will be focusing on in 2015. We look forward to you being an important part of it.