WMUK and National Library of Scotland are hiring a Gaelic Wikipedian


Wikimedia UK and the National Library of Scotland are advertising for a Gaelic Wikipedian to help promote the Scottish Gaelic Wikipedia, Uicipeid.

Following a successful funding application to Bòrd na Gàidhlig, the department of the Scottish government which promotes Gaelic, we will be appointing a Gaelic Wikimedian who will work throughout Scotland to promote the Gaelic language by training people to improve or create resources on Uicipeid, the Scottish Gaelic Wikipedia.

This will require the Wikipedian to deliver training and events in the Western Isles, Highlands and central Scotland. The role will allow the Wikipedian flexibility in where they are based, though they will be able to work from the National Library of Scotland in Edinburgh if they choose to.

Wikimedia UK launched the first Wikimedian-in-Residence programme in Scotland with the National Library of Scotland in 2013. The programme aimed to build links between the Wikimedia community and the National Library of Scotland and was followed by residencies at Museums Galleries Scotland and the University of Edinburgh. These projects are enabling us to mainstream the idea of open knowledge and open licenses within the cultural heritage and education sector, and we now want to create open educational resources to support people learning Gaelic.

A map of Scots Gaelic speakers – CC BY-SA 3.0. By Skate Tier

If you search for ‘Scots Gaelic’ or ‘Scottish Gaelic’ on Google, the Wikipedia page for Scottish Gaelic is the top link. The 2011 national census showed that 87,056 people had some ability with Gaelic compared to 93,282 people in 2001, a decline of 6,226. However, the number of speakers of the language under age 20 has increased, and this is why Wikipedia can be such an important tool to make sure that young people continue to develop their proficiency in speaking Gaelic.

The Gaelic Wikipedian will be responsible for designing and delivering a range of activities which will encourage young Gaels to improve their language skills through editing Uicipedia. They will deliver events and workshops and work with Gaelic organisations and communities to increase knowledge about Uicipedia and increase its size and usage. They will support the development of open knowledge and open licenses and prepare progress reports to assess the impact of their work on the development of Uicipedia.

Wikimedia UK is committed to improving digital access to knowledge, culture and educational resources throughout the UK and we understand how important it is that people outside of London and other big cities can benefit from the opportunities Wikimedia projects provide. The UK is a diverse place with many cultures and languages which we are committed to supporting and representing online, so if you have a good knowledge of Gaelic and a passion for improving access to Gaelic resources, please consider applying.

To apply:

Please complete the online application form at the NLS’ website and include your current CV, a statement on why you think you are suited to the role of Gaelic Wikipedian including your level of spoken and written Scottish Gaelic, experience in designing and leading workshops or events and experience as a Wikipedia editor and your Wikipedia username if you have one.