An introduction from Agnes Bruszik, WMUK’s new Programme Evaluation Assistant

Agnes Bruszik at the Wikimedia UK office – image by Jwslubbock

Dear All,

I would like to take this opportunity to greet all of you and to introduce myself very briefly. My name is Agnes Bruszik and I am replacing Karla Marte while she is on maternity leave in the post of ‘Programme Evaluation Assistant’.

My working days will be the following: Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. My email address is:

A few words about me: I hold an MSc in Molecular Biology, an MPhil in Environmental Sciences and Policy, and I am a PhD Candidate at the interdisciplinary Central European University. I have been an international project manager for over 15 years: 8 of which I spent in nature conservation and the rest in media and digital literacy. In the past few years I worked on the development, testing and refining of media literacy indicators for the European Commission, researched formal and informal media and digital literacy education approaches across EU Member States, and organised campaigns, conferences and projects promoting media literacy.

It is an exciting opportunity for me to get to know you all and learn about your approaches and achievements, and to contribute to the Wikimedia movement through my work! It was great to meet and get to know the volunteer community at the 2017 AGM and I am looking forward to working together with many of you in the coming months!

Lovely day to you,