Announcing the “GLAM-WIKI:UK” conference

“Being a beloved institution will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of being an irrelevant one.” – Cory Doctorow 23 November 2010, UK: Should the cultural sector take the recent funding hit on the chin and reduce their activities – or should they seek to engage… read more »

GLAM-WIKI Schedule Announced

At the end of this month, the UK cultural sector and Wikimedia community will come together at the British Museum for the UK’s GLAM-WIKI conference, with the aim of finding our common goals and exploring the possibilities of working together to achieve those goals. The full schedule for GLAM-WIKI is now online, and we’ve highlighted… read more »

Announcing: Registration now open for GLAM-WIKI:UK at the British Museum

188 years ago today the Rosetta Stone, the British Museum’s most visited object, was translated and in so doing unlocked the secret of Egyptian hieroglyphics. In recognition of this anniversary the Feature Article of the Day on the main page of the English edition of Wikipedia will be “Rosetta Stone“. It is therefore fitting that… read more »