Does Wikipedia have enough administrators?

By John Lubbock, Wikimedia UK Communications Coordinator There are currently 1144 admins on the English language Wikipedia, of whom 501 are active as editors, though not all of those do a lot of admin-specific tasks. When you talk to people who have worked as admins on Wikipedia, they usually tell you that back in the… read more »

The Freedom to Photograph must be upheld – letters to The Times

Last week there were two  letters to The Times newspaper on the issue of copyright reform and freedom of panorama. These were published on Friday 26 June. One was signed by Michael Maggs as Wikimedia UK Chair, the was signed by several organisations supporting the protection of freedom of panorama. The letters are published below. *****… read more »

UK at risk of losing Freedom of Panorama

Every day, millions of Europeans are breaking copyright law. Due to an obscure rule known as Freedom of Panorama, those innocent snapshots of modern buildings you’ve taken in countries such as France and Belgium are breaches of copyright. While the UK has this freedom, we are at risk of losing it in the ongoing copyright… read more »

Report from the Speaker’s Commission on Digital Democracy

This post was written by Stevie Benton, Head of External Relations This morning I attended the launch of Open Up! – Report of the Speaker’s Commission on Digital Democracy. Having been involved in the work of the Commission I was very interested to hear its recommendations. The report is a substantial document (PDF) which I… read more »

Response to the new IPO orphan works licensing scheme

The UK’s Intellectual Property Office last week announced the launch of a new orphan works licensing scheme. This allows individuals and institutions wishing to use a work of intellectual property where the rights holder cannot be identified to apply for a licence from the IPO. Licences are awarded where the IPO is satisfied that the applicant conducted… read more »

Debating the “Right to be Forgotten”

On 23rd October Wikimedia UK board member Alastair McCapra took part in a debate at the Cambridge Union about the right to be forgotten. The panel debated a motion that supported the right to be forgotten (RTBF). Alastair spoke against the motion, which was narrowly defeated. The RTBF is a complicated issue and arguments both… read more »

Free Knowledge Advocacy Group EU publishes copyright reform paper

The Free Knowledge Advocacy Group EU (FKAGEU), of which Wikimedia UK is a member, has this week published a paper on copyright reform across the European Union. This is in response to the Report on the responses to the Public Consultation on the Review of the EU Copyright Rules and the draft white paper on a… read more »

Discussing the future of digital democracy

This post was written by Stevie Benton, Wikimedia UK’s Head of External Relations On Tuesday I was fortunate enough to attend a round table event hosted by the Speaker’s Commission on Digital Democracy at the House of Commons. The opportunity came about as the result of the work that Wikimedia UK is doing with Demos… read more »

A model for digital democracy

This post was written by Stevie Benton, Wikimedia UK’s head of external relations, was originally published on the Demos blog here A sense that all citizens of a state have a stake, and a say, in the process of government is in some ways crucial to our sense of identity as citizens. It is something… read more »