World first for St Paul’s Church, Birmingham

St Paul’s is the first church in the world to utilise innovative QRpedia technology Visitors and worshippers at St Paul’s Church in the Jewellery Quarter of Birmingham have a new way to learn about the history of the church. This beautiful, Grade I listed building has become the first church in the world to utilise… read more »

Welcome to the world’s first Wikipedia town

You’ve probably heard the saying, “In theory, Wikipedia shouldn’t work, but in practice it does.” Three of the things that contribute to make Wikipedia work are topic-specific WikiProjects (“let’s write about a town), Wikimedia chapters (“let’s organize throughout the United Kingdom”), and unique ideas (“let’s use QR codes to share content”). This week these three… read more »

Join the Wright Challenge!

For the last two weeks Wikimedia UK has been running a competition in partnership with the Derby Museum. So far, over 150 new or improved Wikipedia articles have been created, in dozens of languages. This is the biggest multilingual collaboration between Wikimedians and the cultural sector to date, and it’s particularly interesting because it’s a… read more »