Oldham and new trainers

This post was written by User:WormThatTurned Oldham, April 2013. I had been given my first mission – a mission to train a group of brand new editors in the ways of the Wikipedia. A crack team had been assembled, lead by me – User:Worm That Turned, we also had User:Deskana ready to control the keyboard,… read more »

Training for Trainers session confirmed for Newcastle

This post was written by Daria Cybulska, our Events Organiser Wikimedia UK is committed to supporting our volunteers. To encourage them to teach others how to edit Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects, we are running a weekend training workshop. This will take place on the weekend of 23-24 February in Newcastle, and we would particularly… read more »

Virtual Learning Environment making good progress

We’re in the process of developing a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) to support teaching new editors how to edit Wikipedia. This will be a particularly useful resource for those training new editors, such as those people who have progressed through our Training the Trainers programme¬† Work is progressing well, so now seems like a useful… read more »

Second Wikipedia Training Day at BBC Bristol

Wikimedia UK Launches its University of Bristol Outreach Ambassador in the heart of the BBC Digital Village On Monday 4th July Wikimedia UK held its second Bristol Wikipedia Training Day attended by friends from organisations such as the Knowle West Media Centre, Bristol Girl Geek Dinners, Bristol University, UWE, BBC Bristol and other groups from… read more »