Introducing Natasha Iles, our new Head of Development and Communications

In October we recruited for a role that we have long known will be critical to the sustainability of Wikimedia UK’s vital work. Having a Head of Development and Communications gives us a strategic approach to our public image, fundraising, and external outreach. We wanted the role to be in senior management, leading a new… read more »

Speaking at the Managing Online Reputation conference

This post was written by Stevie Benton, head of external relations at Wikimedia UK Over the last few months I’ve been receiving a spate of telephone calls over from comms and PR folks who were looking for advice on how to engage with Wikipedia to try and ensure that articles about their executives and companies… read more »

Responding to recent news about vandalism to Wikipedia

This post was written by Stevie Benton, Wikimedia UK’s Head of External Relations Last week a story broke in the Liverpool Echo about vandalism to Wikipedia from the government’s computer network. In particular, the story examined edits to the article about the Hillsborough disaster. I don’t want to focus on the story itself here. Instead, I’ll… read more »