Wikimedia UK publishes ‘Closing the Gender Gap’ video

By John Lubbock, Wikimedia UK Communications Coordinator I’ve worked at Wikimedia UK since 2016, managing their social media, press, content and general communications. During that time, the gender gap issue has become increasingly salient, especially with the media attention generated by Dr Jess Wade, a British research scientist who has written hundreds of biographical Wikipedia… read more »

New blog “planet” for UK Wikimedians

This post was written by Harry Burt, a Wikimedia UK volunteer Wikimedia UK is pleased to announce the creation of – a blog “planet” (combiner) that allows visitors to see the total blogging output of the UK’s Wikimedians and open content advocates in a single easy-to-bookmark feed. This new project mirrors a longer-established programme of the Wikimedia Foundation to… read more »