Wiki Loves Monuments UK 2019 winners announced

Wiki Loves Monuments UK, part of the world’s biggest photographic contest, has announced the winners of this year’s competition. The UK competition is organised and voted on by members of the Wikimedia community in the UK, and seeks to encourage photographers to upload their images to Wikimedia Commons, the media-sharing sister site of Wikipedia, where… read more »

Education in Wales and Wikipedia

By Robin Owain, Wikimedia UK Wales Manager Wales has always had more than its fair share of ministers of religion, farmers… and educators! During the Medieval period, the training of a ‘Prifardd’ (a registered Chief Poet), took ten years, but educating ordinary folk was by word of mouth. Around 1402, the last Welsh Prince of… read more »

The truth gets its shoes on: the Black Death on Wikipedia

A recent article by @monicaMedHist identifies the disease in Royal 6 E VI, f 301, as leprosy: http://t.co/PmatI7obgF pic.twitter.com/ysEb3X9VNA — Medieval Manuscripts (@BLMedieval) January 13, 2015 This post was written by Richard Nevell Mark Twain said “A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.” The same… read more »

Edit-on dudes: #ClassicsWomen are into Wikipedia

This post was written by Claire Millington, a Classics PhD student at Kings College London. It was first published on her blog here This week, after a lot of planning and persuading people to get involved, I ran a Wikipedia editathon to create and improve the pages of women who have been important to classics… read more »