Who writes Wikipedia’s health and medical pages and why?

By Nuša Farič, UCL, Centre for Health Informatics & Multiprofessional Education (CHIME) Half of the editors working on Wikipedia’s 25,000 pages of medical content are qualified medics or other healthcare professionals, providing reassurance about the reliability of the website, according to our newly published research results. Those editors, who are contributing their time for free, are… read more »

Publishing scholarly papers with, and on, Wikipedia

This post was written by Dr Martin Poulter, Jisc Wikimedia ambassador Wikipedia welcomes expert contributions, and is one of the most direct ways to promote public understanding of a subject area, but it isn’t always in researchers’ personal interest to contribute. It may seem as though any time spent writing for Wikipedia is less time… read more »

Researchers: are you Wikipedia-compatible?

This post was written by Wikimedia UK Associate, Dr Martin Poulter The first of April this year is a significant date for researchers here in the UK. It’s when a new policy comes into place, beginning a journey towards open access (OA) for publicly funded research. This is a top-down policy from the Government’s (via… read more »