Royal Opera House

ROH Students Editathon: Improving Wikipedia’s articles on dance

This post was written by Rachel Beaumont of the Royal Opera House and was originally published here. Re-used with kind permission. Try to describe Wikipedia to someone who’s never heard of it and they won’t believe you. A free encyclopedia to which anyone can contribute, which is actually useful? But you’ve never likely to have… read more »

ROH Editathon: Improving Wikipedia’s entries on dance

This post was written by Rachel Beaumont of the Royal Opera House and published here. Used with kind permission. You can also contact Rachel via her Wikipedia user page here. Our recent event brought together ballet fans with Wikipedia experts to improve the online encyclopedia’s articles on choreographer Kenneth MacMillan. When was the last time… read more »

Twentieth century culture and Wikimedia UK

This post was written by Jonathan Cardy, Wikimedia UK GLAM Organiser A cafe covered in turkeys and a ballet that the critics hailed a turkey; two very different stories from near opposite ends of the twentieth century. As one might expect of an Internet-based encyclopaedia that has only been around since 2001, Wikipedia has some… read more »

Royal Opera House to host an editathon

As Wembley is to football and CERN is to particle physics, so the Royal Opera House in London is to ballet. Home to both The Royal Opera and The Royal Ballet, the opera house is located in London’s Covent Garden. So it’s with great excitement that Wikimedia UK is supporting a ballet-themed editathon at this… read more »