How Wikipedia infiltrated academia

By John Lubbock, Communications Coordinator of Wikimedia UK It was about 2007 when Wikipedia hit the mainstream. Millions of students were using one website to get an introduction to their new course subjects, and many, of course, were not particularly careful about their use of copy and paste. In a way, Wikipedia was the victim… read more »

Guest post: Teaching competition law differently

This post was written by Dr Pedro Telles, Senior Lecturer in Law at Swansea University and originally published on his website. For the last couple of years with my colleague Richard Leonard-Davies I have been teaching competition law here at Swansea University and doing so in a very traditional and straightforward way: lectures focused on… read more »

In response to the Times Higher Education

Wikimedia UK notes with interest the article published by Times Higher Education today entitled: “PR staff strive for Wikipedia whitewashes” Wikipedia guidelines state that editing articles about yourself, your institution or, in the case of PR, clients that you represent, is a clear conflict of interest and should be avoided. As this report shows, attempts… read more »