Booking open for Wikipedia Science Conference

This post was written by Dr Martin Poulter, Wikipedia Science Conference lead and Wikimedia UK volunteer One striking theme in last year’s Wikimania conference in London was the enthusiasm for Wikipedia and Wikidata from scientists, publishers, and funders. Wikimedia projects are now seen not just as platforms to feed public curiosity about science, but as new ways… read more »

Wellcome Library grateful for Wikimedia UK support

Wikimedia UK received a very encouraging email this morning which highlights the nature of the work of our movement. In a collaboration between the Wellcome Library, Wikimedia UK and Wikimedia volunteers, around 100,000 images from their collection have been uploaded to Wikimedia Commons. The message, from Phoebe Harkins of the Wellcome Trust, said: “The Wellcome… read more »

Wellcome Images freely releases 100,000 images

Wellcome Images yesterday announced that that they have released over 100,000 images, ranging from ancient manuscripts to etchings by Van Gogh and Goya, under open licences. By releasing these resources under the Creative Commons – Attribution only (CC-BY) licence, Wellcome Images has ensured that those images can be freely downloaded, copied, distributed, edited, manipulated for… read more »