Does Wikimania save lives?

This post was written by Fabian Tompsett, Wikimedian and co-ordinator of the Wikimania support team, and originally published here. I am just coming to the end of a four-month stint working for Wikimedia UK helping to deliver Wikimania 2014 at London’s Barbican Centre. It was all quite exciting and as The Signpost put it was “not too bad, actually”. In the… read more »

Building the Open Access Button

This guest blog post was written by David Carroll, Open Access Button Project Lead Earlier this month, as I sat at the Wikimania Open Data Hack in the Barbican, silently whirring in the back of my mind was an impending anniversary. It had been one year since the first line of code of what would… read more »

Wikimania 2014 draws to a close

Wikimania 2014 happened, and it was brilliant. More than 200 sessions, and more than 4,000 attendees according to the figures from The Barbican. We had guests from more than 70 countries. And now we are tired. We’ll share more reflections on the conference,  including facts and figures, once the dust has settled and everything is back to… read more »

Wikimania – Nine working days to go…

This post was written by Jon Davies, Wikimedia UK Chief Executive Our office white board now says only nine working days to go to Wikimania. In reality it will be a few more as weekends seem to be as busy as Monday to Friday now. I’d like to share a few thoughts with our community…. read more »

Counting down to Wikimania

This post was written by Jon Davies, Wikimedia UK Chief Executive We have a big white board in the office where we share calendars and meetings; a few months ago I started a box counting down the days to Wikimania on it. However hard we tried it seemed a long way off in the distant… read more »

Wikimania fringe – The Future of Education

This post was written by Stevie Benton, Wikimedia UK’s head of external relations This weekend saw the latest in the series of Wikimania fringe events. This time, the focus was on the future of education  – what role do the Wikimedia projects play in the education world? The two-day event was attended by around 30… read more »

Wikimania fringe: Free culture weekend

This weekend sees the latest in the programme of fringe events leading up to Wikimania. The Free Culture Weekend takes place at The Barbican Centre, London. The two-day event is open to all, but is especially suited to those who are digital artists and media creators, inventors and licensors, curators and archivists, lawyers and librarians,… read more »

Social Machines Weekend

This post was written by Chris McKenna of the Wikimania support team The Wikimania 2014 fringe programme kicked off with a successful first event on the 24 and 25 of May when the Barbican centre played host to a weekend of discussion about Social Machines. The event featured a teleconference with Philippe Beaudette, the director… read more »

Fabian’s thoughts on a few weeks in post

In this post, Fabian Tompsett, Wikimedian and co-ordinator of the Wikimania support team, shares his views on his his first few weeks in post It has now been a couple of weeks since I started as one of the three Wikimania support staff taken on by Wikimedia, along with Chris McKenna and John Cummings. We… read more »

Wikimedia UK welcomes new starters for Wikimania

Wikimedia UK is delighted to welcome three new staff to support the delivery of the Wikimania conference. John Cummings, Chris McKenna and Fabian Tompsett will be working with the charity until the end of August to support the volunteer conference team. All three are Wikimedians with a good understanding of the movement and the charity…. read more »