Wikimedia at the Mining Institute

Harry Mitchell’s Wikimedia Commons image of the exterior.

This post was originally published by Robert Forsythe. You can read the original here.

Earlier in 2013 Wikimedia (parent to Wikipedia) was engaged in North East England through Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums. This was with the first Wikimedian in Residence in the region. Robert Forsythe was the fortunate candidate and it proved to be fascinating. An interesting follow on has been arranged for the 6th November 2013.

An editathon is being held in the North of England Institute of Mining and Mechanical Engineers just a very short walk east of Newcastle Upon Tyne Central station. I will be participating and it ought to appeal to a wide spread of people. It is a magnificent venue, a major piece of Victorian Gothic Revival. Lunch and a guided tour are part of the package provided. There is already Wikimedia content but once you see the collections, you will understand just how much connectivity between the Institute and Wikimedia there might be. If you feel you are a Wikimedia beginner, there will be experienced editors on hand. And if “mining” phases you reflect how much local and regional social history runs with the subject.

Additionally the library hosts the collections of local Stephenson Locomotive Society and Railway Correspondence & Travel Society branches. It has become a place where many volunteers interested in industrial heritage in the region gather (not least because it has a license and offers excellent coffee). More details are available on the registration page.

There have been 15 sign ons as of 4th October.