New blog “planet” for UK Wikimedians

A photo of Earth seen from space
Not this kind of planet – but a blog aggregator

This post was written by Harry Burt, a Wikimedia UK volunteer

Wikimedia UK is pleased to announce the creation of – a blog “planet” (combiner) that allows visitors to see the total blogging output of the UK’s Wikimedians and open content advocates in a single easy-to-bookmark feed.

This new project mirrors a longer-established programme of the Wikimedia Foundation to create a Wikimedia planet for every language. By comparison, the UK blog planet benefits from a more restrictive geographical emphasis on the United Kingdom, providing an outlet for topical commentators from across the country, regardless of the language they choose to blog in.

Recommendations for new blogs to aggregate (either in their entirety or individual categories) are very welcome; bloggers interested in getting more exposure for their blog posts should contact Stevie Benton ( Current contributors include Wikimedia UK itself; Andrew Gray, former Wikimedian-in-Residence at the British Library; and Andy Mabbett, former Wikimedian-in-Residence and a Wikipedia contributor since 2003.