Bekka Kahn to co-ordinate the Open Coalition

The photo shows Bekka Kahn in the Wikimedia UK office
Bekka Kahn

Wikimedia UK is delighted to announce a new collaborative project, the Open Coalition. This project will be co-ordinated by Bekka Kahn, who will be working out of the Wikimedia UK office in London.

The Open Coalition is a joint project involving people from Wikimedia UK, Creative Commons, Mozilla, Open Knowledge, OpenStreetMap and other organisations in the open governance, open data and open educational spheres. The objective of the Coalition is to support the development of a stronger network of organizations working in the areas of open knowledge and open access, share experiences, build potential collaborations and find better ways of communicating what work is being done. It will also help other organisations who wish to find ways of becoming more open in their working practice.

Bekka has worked in the open movement since 2005, first as a writer and researcher at iCommons and the African Commons Project, and later as a community manager, administrator and general wrangler at P2PU, where she still works on various projects. She’s written extensively about Open Access, copyright, IP and Open Education, particularly in reference to the developing world.

How you can get involved

There are some simple things you can do to help us build the coalition:

  • Tweet this: Help spread open collaboration across the web. Join the #opencoalition
  • Follow @opencoalition on Twitter
  • Send us an email:
  • Join our mailing list (coming soon, email Bekka to subscribe)
  • Join the coalition: take a look at the Wikimedia UK wiki project page, sign up and help to shape the coalition!