Counting down to Wikimania

The photo shows the whiteboard with plans on it.
The planning whiteboard

This post was written by Jon Davies, Wikimedia UK Chief Executive

We have a big white board in the office where we share calendars and meetings; a few months ago I started a box counting down the days to Wikimania on it. However hard we tried it seemed a long way off in the distant future but now with less than three weeks to go we know differently!

The programme may be set, the speakers arranged, the food ordered and the wifi tested and for the first time in thirty years I feel that I actually know my way around the Barbican but the scale of the event is beginning to make itself felt. All around me are volunteers and staff wrestling with the last minute details: how many laptops do we need, where will the walkie talkies be stored, how much cash will we need over the conference days, can you fit a mobility scooter in the lifts? Small details but if everyone is going to have a great Wikimania it is the detail like this we need to get right.

So if we are a little slower than normal answering emails or getting back to you please be patient!