Volunteering with Wikimedia UK: a call to action

The most recent volunteer strategy gathering

This post was written by Michael Maggs, Chair of Wikimedia UK

Wikimedia UK needs your help. We want to transform the way we work so that we can bring volunteering right into the heart of the charity.

We plan to:

These draft plans follow on from the excellent feedback we received from our last Volunteer Strategy Gathering. They deliberately don’t attempt to answer all possible questions about implementation, as we think it best that both further questions and the answers to those questions should come out of collaborative discussions. The plans are not set in stone, and with the community’s help they can be improved, strengthened and fleshed out.

We would like your feedback, either online or in person at our next Volunteer Strategy Gathering on Saturday 25th July 2015, in London. For more information, see the links on the right of that page.

Feedback, comments and discussion are more than welcome on the discussion page, or you can email chairatwikimedia.org.uk if you have feedback you would prefer not to make public.

To read the full details on wiki see here:  https://wikimedia.org.uk/wiki/Volunteer_strategy_consultation_2015