Wiki Loves Monuments 2016 kicks off the world’s biggest photography competition

The overall winner of WLM UK in 2014. “St Michael’s Mount” by Fuzzypiggy is openly licensed under CC by-SA 3.0.

Wiki Loves Monuments returns to the United Kingdom in September. The competition has a heritage focus and we want your help to photograph every monument in the country. The prizes are funded by Wikimedia UK and the Open Data Institute, with £250 for best photograph and a £100 special prize for the best photo of a tax exempt heritage item.

Anyone can take part, all you need is a camera. Our interactive map lets you explore the environment around you, helping you find hidden heritage just around the corner. There are hundreds of thousands of sites which need photos!

By sharing images through Wikipedia we are creating a resource which anyone can benefit from. The photos from the competition are available under a free licence.

You can submit as many images as you want, and as long as you are the photographer and the photos are uploaded in September it doesn’t matter when they were taken.

350 people took part from the UK in 2014, submitting more than 7,000 photos. In August these images were seen by 4.3 million people on Wikipedia.

If you’re looking for inspiration use the map to see what monuments are around you. Or you can look at some of the photos from previous years.

Once you’re ready, get uploading!

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