Wiki Loves Monuments UK 2019 winners announced

Perch Rock Lighthouse continues its run of winning entries in WLM UK competitions with this commended image by Mark Warren

Wiki Loves Monuments UK, part of the world’s biggest photographic contest, has announced the winners of this year’s competition. The UK competition is organised and voted on by members of the Wikimedia community in the UK, and seeks to encourage photographers to upload their images to Wikimedia Commons, the media-sharing sister site of Wikipedia, where content is shared on Creative Commons Open Licenses and is freely available to use by anybody.

Competition organiser Michael Maggs announced the winners on the Wiki Loves Monuments UK site over the weekend and explained the judges decisions to award the main prizes.

First prize

Kilchurn Castle at sunrise by MHoser – image CC BY-SA 4.0

Michael Maggs: “The judges appreciated the wonderful colour-palette that the photographer has captured with the early-morning light, and the real skill and care that is evident in the composition.”

Second prize

File:Bass Rock with lighthouse and gannets.jpg

Bass Rock with Lighthouse by Ellievking – image CC BY-SA 4.0

Michael Maggs: “Although Bass Rock is a well-photographed subject, the judges picked this image out for its unusual and varied lighting which brings out the details of the upper rock surface, the clouds of birds in flight, and the photographic angle which allows the lighthouse to stand out clearly.

Third prize

Sun Setting on Commando Memorial by Jock in Northumberland – image CC BY-SA 4.0

Michael Maggs: “The judges liked the use of a low camera angle and late afternoon sunshine to enhance the presence of this powerful monument. They also appreciated the photographer choosing a lesser-known site.”


Arnol Blackhouse

Arnol Blackhouse by Castlehunter (David C. Weinczok) – image CC BY-SA 4.0

Clifton Suspension Bridge and the Observatory in Bristol, England

Clifton Suspension Bridge and the Observatory in Bristol England by Chris Lathom-Sharpimage CC BY-SA 4.0

High tide at Newport transporter Bridge

High tide at Newport Transporter Bridge by Andy Perkinsimage CC BY-SA 4.0

Leasowe Lighthouse Frozen Fields

Leasowe Lighthouse with Frozen Fields by Mark Warren 1973image CC BY-SA 4.0

Perch Rock Lighthouse Gold

Perch Rock Lighthouse by Mark Warren 1973  – image CC BY-SA 4.0

This year the judges have awarded only five commendations, as they did not feel there were sufficient images of prize-winning quality to award the usual seven. We are accordingly submitting a total of eight images this time.

If you want to see all 10,438 images submitted to Wiki Loves Monuments this year, you can find them in this category on Wikimedia Commons.

Congratulations to the winners of the top prizes, and especially to MHoser, whose winning entry receives a prize of £250. Wiki Loves Monuments will return in September 2020, and we strongly encourage photographers to consider taking photos of monuments throughout the year which they can submit next September.